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Realm of Shadows

Into the Savanna of Dreams

18 September
Presenting more about me than you ever wanted to know! I'm an addicted Gamer/Mush/Muxer/Role Player and fantasy artist. Why am I doing this? Mostly cause I'm giving into subtle peer pressure and got tired of the whole 'fringe' thing. I'm always so fringe. =P But mostly I wanted a nifty nitch to put up those kyoot results from online tests. So enjoy! visit my web page and buy my art and prints! =D

Some of my most recent art!

My other Galleries:


there's also : http://www.cafeshops.com/cybercatz2
and! http://www.cafeshops.com/cybercatz3

New Commission Status Journal!


made by:

keihound she is the bestest!!! Thankyou thankyou!

I am on IMVU 3d chat.

Click on the Image below to join and give me points !! I need more points! ;)

My Furry Code

FFX[Caracal]2admrs A+++$ C+$ Dm+ H- M+++ P++ R T W- Z+++ Sf# RLA/RB a cdnuw+ d--- e++ f h- iwf+++$ j+ p- sf#

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User Number: 1122094
Date Created:2003-06-16
Number of Posts: 369

Shadow_Weaver is a friendly but not often seen Wanna B Artist and obessive RPG / MU*-er. Her fav chars include : Nightcrawler, Gambit, Jubilee, Dingo, Rand, Raphael, Hellboy(movie version), OptimusPrime, Batman, Wolverine, and the list goes on and on. Yay for God! He Rawks!
Strengths: Tap Shadow_Weaver with $$$ and she will perform amazing acts of art-liness!
Weaknesses: Allergies. Mean People. Unable to resist Chocolate.
Special Skills: Art. Mushing. World Domination. Teleportation.
Weapons: Claws, Swords, Waffles & Deadly Silly String!
Warning : Do not taunt happy fun caracal.

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